If you’ll be visiting a 6-8-month-old baby sometime soon and want to take along a small present, think about bringing something related to first foods. Most babies start eating solid food somewhere between four and seven months of age. And by “solid food” I mean smushed up bananas and avocados, not steak tartare. This is a big deal, this starting solids, but since the milestone falls between birth (new baby gear!) and baby’s first birthday (toys!), chances are your friend/relative didn’t receive a lot of gifts to help around the kitchen.

Even if s/he’s not a cook and feeds Junior mostly jarred baby food, this starter set of Annabel Karmel’s cookbook, 100 Best Baby Purees + a bowl and masher set + a few food containers will still be welcome and useful. I was not a cook when Astrid started solids and even I loved this cookbook: the food tastes better than a lot of things I’ve made for adults and most of the recipes have a manageable number of ingredients and steps (like, four). The bowl and masher are great for smashing soft veggies and fruits on the go (vs. finding a fork) and are durable and useable at the table (grippy bottom). And small, BPA-free, take-with-you food containers are always useful.

They’ll thank you for it, trust me.

Annabel Karmel Baby Food Prep Starter Kit (BPA-free), including Bowl and Masher, $19.95 at WalMart.com

Carter’s cute patterned bodysuits are the perfect quickie gift for

a.) a baby shower gift basket,

b.) a newborn as a little extra, “Welcome to the world!”, or

c.)  a not-close-but-I-still-like-you friend or co-worker who just had a baby.

That last category can be tough because you don’t want to spend a ton of time or a lot of money finding a small, useful-but-cute present. A friend of a friend whom we don’t see very often sweetly sent Astrid a pack of these when she was tiny and it was the perfect, “Hey! We’re thinking about you! Congratulations!” small gift.

They come in packs of three or four and I’d recommend the subtler patterned ones, since they’re cute but not tacky and suit any taste. For God’s sake, don’t get the ones that say “MOMMY” in giant magenta letters on them. Just don’t.

If you want to spend a little more, get one pack of patterns and add in a four-pack of the plain white long-sleeved ones: there is no parent who does not need more white onesies. Also: be kind and order the 3 or 6 month size. (Newborns can’t wear bodysuits until their belly button heals and babies grow so fast, they grow out of the Newborn size before you know it.)

Target has the widest selection of patterns but inconsistent in-store stock. If you’re going anyway, get them there. Or order online. Macy’s carries them in-store for the lowest price but they also have limited stock in the patterns. (Inexplicably, Carters.com doesn’t carry nearly as many patterns as Target does and Amazon is a total loss and usually sends you to Target.com anyway.)

Carter’s 4-pack short-sleeved bodysuits with little tiny elephants, stripes, etc. in brown, pink, or blue, $9 at Target