Baby Milestone Cards from Double Bravo Designs

March 17, 2012

Some new parents will keep a baby book recording all their new child’s milestones and footprints and height and the like. Others will not – and that baby book they got at their baby shower will just glare at them judgmentally from the shelf of their child’s room, reminding them that they are not organized or crafty or just plain into it enough to fill it up with mementos and notes. These cards are the guilt-free answer.

They’re single letterpress cards, one for each milestone, that can be filled out in about two seconds but still make lovely mementos of early childhood’s big moments. Buy singles or a set. They’re a great additional small gift for a shower or a little something to send along to mark the child’s birth. The parents will love you for making an often guilt-laden process so much easier but still appealing.

(If you’re really into simplifying the memento thing so that kiddo doesn’t take them to task later for not being Martha Stewart, send the cards with little frames for easy display or in a pretty memory box that mom and dad can add to as they go.)

Cards available singly from Double Bravo Designs at for $3.75 each (First Word, First Steps, Blew First Kiss, Slept Through the Night, Snacking On Your Own)


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