Monogrammed Pottery Barn Kids Blanket

March 12, 2012

Every baby needs a blanket. Not for bedding (that’s a suffocation risk for infants and babies) but for taking along in the stroller, in the car and pretty much everywhere else. Babies get cold. They need soft fuzzy things to address that!

Pottery Barn Kids’ Chamois “Stroller Blanket” makes a great birth gift: it’s not too expensive, comes in a variety of soft colors, and you can have it monogrammed with name and birth date (which would be tough for a baby shower – unless you’d like to formalize your preference for Baby’s name + lay a bet on delivery date!)

It’s polyester, but that’s OK for keeping toasty on the go, and it’s sized for strollers and car seats, just where Baby will need it.

Who knows? Maybe you just bought the baby her security blanket! She’ll thank you later.

Pottery Barn Kids’ Chamois “Stroller Blanket”, $29.50 at + $7 for monogramming


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